LEGENDS: Kanryo Higaonna

Meeting Kanryo Higaonna and Zensho Takeshi

It happened in the evening, when the old master came back from the restaurant. It was a rainy season, and everything was flooded with water. The house Sensei led a narrow path that wound between the two, filled with mud, ravines.

Takeshi was young, but enough is known because of the scandalous nature. He was a tall and well built. Constantly and relentlessly practicing, Takeshi thoroughly worked leg techniques. He has not adhered to a certain style, but in fights often go out a winner, as he was endowed with great strength and attack without warning. In the evening, seeing the little man, Takeshi decided to have some fun and push the counter in the water.

Sensei Higaonna in a restaurant a little drunk, but despite the surprise attack, reacted instantly. Uvernuvshis from the jolt, he used one of his tricks worked in any kumite (exercise, which develops the sensitivity of the hands in close combat), and the assailant was in a ditch.

Takeshi did not understand, and considered accidental fall. Once out on the trail, he again attacked the little man, but had no time Save this leg, he received a blow that was back in the mud. Rather than waiting for a new friend get out of the ditch, an old master went home.

However, in the morning they met again. Zensho Takeshi Sensei Higaonna sought out and asked for him as an apprentice. Sensei pretended that he did not recognize the enemy of yesterday, and asked Takeshi show that he can. After demonstrating the techniques Higaonna long praised the warrior, and the repeated requests of the teachings, said: "I can not teach you anything, you and so very strong. And your technique is much better than mine. "

Kаnryo Higaonna, a buffalo and Sanchin

Somehow time sensei Higaonna climbed down a mountain, and in several tens meters the heavy vehicle, charged a buffalo moved. The thunder-storm has unexpectedly begun, the slope became slippery, and a buffalo, not having kept, slides downwards. In some seconds the vehicle has gathered huge speed.

The sensei has noticed a buffalo rushed on it in harness, but to evade was already late. Then he having accepted a rack sanchin, has as much as possible strained muscles and has accepted impact on a back. A buffalo and a vehicle, up to the top loaded with  utensils, weighed much. The owner of a vehicle has been assured, that sensei Higaonna was lost, since the vehicle has again started to slide in a precipice. However falling was suddenly slowed down, and in some seconds the driver has noticed, that the vehicle has at all stopped. What surprise of the owner of a buffalo when he has seen the small person alive and safe was.

Rescueed by the sensei from destruction the driver was the sociable person and soon story about Kanryo Higaonna, a buffalo and sanchin became known to all island.

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