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Protect themselves, keeping calm.

Dark street, the empty staircase, next to none - as scary sometimes come home late at night, knowing that in this darkness no one to help you. How to help yourself, especially if you are - a weak woman, and a number have lacked a strong male shoulder?

It turns out that all is not as bad as it seems. Protect yourself can anyone, even a teenager, just this should be done wisely. Today in Chisinau got a lot of clubs, which teach wrestling any of the world. In order to avoid confusion in them, we will try to explain what differences exist between all these categories, where you can learn self-defense, especially women, and even interviewed the President of Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate-do Association in Moldova Victor Panasiuc, September sowing, included in the top ten distinguished coaches in Europe.

* Types of control

When you have a son, you is not difficult over the years to give it to any kind of struggle, in the end - not like it, allot of the other circle. Since girls are much more complicated. If the daughter grows tomboy and not afraid of boys older and more of it - it does not mean that any kind of fight her on the shoulder, then the issue more delicately.

The first and most common form of struggle - karate. Guoxing-Jitsu - specially developed system of self-defense, the elements of which in Japan are used for police training. "Golden Dragon", as translated from the Japanese of this type, designed for very ordinary woman who decided to learn the real methods of protection and effective way out of any critical situation. At training practiced demeanor, the preferred sequence of actions and other necessary skills to ensure their own safety in critical situations.

Many professionals, especially doctors, speak out against the spread of women's struggle, saying that it is extremely traumatic sport. It is believed that women wrestlers are injured more often than men. This is explained by the fact that, despite the greater flexibility of muscles and ligaments in women is weaker so-called muscular corset. Besides women, unlike men, are moving away from an armlock not due to muscular effort and, above all, due to the greater - than men - the flexibility that is many times more dangerous to health.

Excellent alternative to fight in this case - Capoeira. In capoeira two people come together in the dance of strategy and cunning. Closed kicking and accurately adjusted departures combined with the stand on his head and various acrobatic elements, which can immediately go to the dance movements.

The appropriate form of struggle for women and Kung Fu. In the system of training is a training process in the hall, reading classic works of the East, holding traditional holidays and teas. The main style of this kind of fight Wing Chun Quenya. For young children are taught Nantsyuan. All involved are divided by age and years of schooling, which makes it possible to maintain the overall level in groups for better absorption of the material. Taekwondo - Korean traditional martial art. The term "Tae Kwon Do" means "way of hands and feet. The reason for the name served as a specific fighting techniques - the active work of his hands and feet. But the main difference from other Taekwondo Oriental martial arts - hopping technique and breaking things and, surprisingly, the pretext of combating successfully addressed and women, because they are easy when jumping and have good coordination.

And one of the most humane forms of struggle - ai ki up. The most important of his aim must be to be able to understand the teachings of O-Sensei. "In aikido, there is no competition. This warrior is invincible because he was not struggling with anything." Winning "means to overcome the adversarial mind in which we find refuge," - that is, here is completely absent the attack, but there is only protection from the attacker.

* Where do?

Practice has shown that if you want to reach a goal quickly, but qualitatively, it is better to engage in sports federations. First, it is the correct pricing, and secondly, taught masters, and not lovers, and, best of all, virtually anywhere extra classes for free. Here's a brief overview of Kishinev federations against: International Association of kung fu - st. Peter Zadnipru 5 / 1; Karate Association - st. Decebal 72, sport complex Olympia, Capoeira - street. Berzarina, Building 20, (Lycée. Pushkin / former 2-I school); Federation of Tae Kwon Do - Ion Pelevan 30 / 2. As for aikido, then while the federation in Chisinau, but at the Association of karate, you can do and this kind of struggle, as well as in private clubs.

* Victor Panasyuk: "Do you want to protect? - Do not walk on dark streets!"

In Victor lot of training throughout the city. In his classes to meet a woman - not a rarity. His pupil is highly praised martial art as a means of self-defense for women. The finest details, we decided to ask the very Victor:

- Viktor Borisovich, what kind of control is most suitable for women?

- Almost all types of oriental martial arts suit. The fact that the East has never been taught to fight, taught to analyze any critical moment, and honorable way out of it, without losing self-control.

- But women have been taught to fight certainly harder than men. Why?

- The main reason - the difference in weight, here and important moment of reflection on the situation. The opponent may be bigger and stronger, but this does not mean that it has priority, if you can concentrate on your goal. Moreover, more women to men, so it harder to stay on one thing, but every fight requires cycling. Sometimes one movement you work a month, the only way to reach a desired result. She too impatient for that. On the other hand, some women are more purposeful any of the ambitious man, so then double-edged sword.

- Fear - the first thing that interferes in the time of the attack. How to overcome it?

- This is perhaps the most difficult part of training. It is necessary to release the head from thoughts. Anyone inclined to think too much about his fear, negative thoughts are awakened and prevent unnecessary emotions. You must try to look at the problem calmly, saying "stop" the internal dialogue, but this study for years.

- So what advice would you give to those who have not yet had time to go to the lessons of the struggle?

- In a moment imagine the fear of the enemy in the most secure form, though paper. Suppose that you laugh, but make the escape from the panic. Carry in your pocket salt and pepper, and best of all just do not walk alone at night.

Anastasia Bobarykin

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