Victor Panasiuc: Clean soul can survive

That is what the system GOJU-RYU CARATE-DO, the ancient art of winning. President of the Moldovan Association GOJU-RYU CARATE-DO Victor Panasyuk and his students win not only real opponents, but also themselves, seeking absolute inner purity.

Victor, what kind of style - GOJU-RYU?

Victor PanasiukThis style was born in Okinawa, then a Japanese prefecture. In Okinawa had its own language, its own culture, very interesting because it was a mixture of Japanese and Chinese cultures.

And there, in the 16 century the system called "Fist of the White Crane. The author of this system was a woman, so this style of fighting so much cunning and tricky techniques. Later the "Fist of the White Crane" to add some elements, and the system was named GOJU-RYU, which means "tough, combined with a soft". The basis of this style - the union of opposites, and in engineering, and in life. Well, you know, not opposition, for example, men and women, and the merger, or something.

And so in all. This is a philosophical system, and the philosophy of mind developed through the body. Here, as nowhere else, you feel it all. Between the "understood" and "really understand" sometimes cost tens of years ...

And how have you been doing GOJU-RYU?

I've been doing karate since the age of 14. Now I'm 35. At first I was doing a simple "sport" karate. And I do not even pondered whether to do it, just decided: this is mine. And in 1987 I went to Alma-Ata, and the guys there showed me a few movements from GOJU-RYU. It was someone in the kitchen ... and I just fell in love with this style.

And in 1989, Master Morio Higaonna went to Alma-Ata, and we know him. First, he almost did not pay attention to me, and I thought maybe something not so doing. And then I realized that this part of the training: to make a person himself to just walk. When to see me in the group come brand new, I can not explain to them, and watch how they will behave. If you do not understand or even stop to go to training - the better for us and worse for them.

When I was younger and tease a little, I placed newcomers somewhere in a corner and forced to stand in a posture that stay on your feet is very difficult. I looked at the reaction. But now I have moved away from these brutal methods and newcomers feel differently, more gently.

Generally, GOJU-RYU - a system of survival. And not just physical survival (although I month without food), but also of spiritual purification. Incidentally, we have contact system of training, so we can get injured during the fight. So, you can fight clean, internally clean, and then when the fight simply can not be serious injuries. But if you fight with the spiritual filth, the blood is not without cost. It is checked several times during these 10 years, and myself, and others.
"Unclean" people on the carpet gets punished, it is some polumisticheskie things. Squad - as a poison, it can be used in "good" purposes, and can draw their own detriment and to anyone else. Not everyone understands this, but those to whom it was opened, and become true masters. This wizard will never be fighting: not only will such a situation.

Are you the master?

No, I'm up to that yet, though I already have some sort of intuition, which allows to avoid "explosive" situations.

It is true that the system GOJU-RYU trained commandos?

Yes, and they are not alone. The fact that this system produces in man the qualities necessary for such work, for example, super-intuitive, one might say, extreme intuition. On system GOJU-RYU train people from the security services of the National Bank and the personal protection of the president.

Tell me, Victor, training you paid?

Yes, 50 lei per month.

But do not you think that the "science of survival" and philosophy of life do not take the money?

In fact, a minimal fee to at least pay for the rental of the hall. To go to a seminar to Morio Higaonna, need at least $ 450. Previously, he did not take money for training and it is unclear on what he lived. And then all the financial affairs took over his wife. So now all the profits from his studies goes to her.

By the way, Victor and his students from the Republican Association GOJU-RYU train in a bleak room, without light, and only when there are any event, there appears tarahtyaschy like a tank generator.

Recently, a team of fighters GOJU-RYU returned from the international championship of Kherson, from where 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. But this is not what she wanted Victor. He wanted his students to become true masters, spiritual and found clean in his life "golden mean" ...


Marina Mamon

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